Trucks and Burgers – Good Mix!

Trucks and Burgers - Good Mix!

There is always this argument in and around Melbourne of who has the best hamburgers. Since I don’t eat the traditional hamburger which consists of the meat pattie and all the extra lashings that come with it – I have to judge on the Veggie, Fish or Mushroom burgers.

Who said burgers out of trucks don’t taste that great? The burgers from the Beatbox Kitchen truck is one of the better Mushroom Burgers I have tasted. I’ve tried the mushroom burger at Strange Wolf ( and some cafes – but Beatbox Kitchen wins hands down. The only other burger that I would rate better is the Veggie burger from Andrew’s Hamburgers ( The Grilld burgers I must say – Garden Goodness – is one of my fave veggie burgers as well, but they are my fave in a different way to the Andrews Burgers.

The Mushroom Hamburger from Beatbox Kitchen is juicy and has just the right amount of flavour in it. Added to this is the chippies that come with a selection of three different types of dipping sauces – depending on how hot or mild you want your sauces to be.

This whole food in trucks is all the rage and has been massive over in America. In order to find to find out where these trucks will be you need to follow them on Twitter or on Facebook as they post their locations of where they will be. Following these food trucks adds to the fun of eating.

Beatbox Kitchen can be followed on Facebook at
or on Twitter at

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