Duchess of Spotswood – One of a Kind

Prince of Wales: House Smoked Salmon Fillet with Potato Pancake, Poached Egg and Sourdough Toast
Royal Fanfare: Salt cured Trumpeter with Spicy Lamb Sausage, Home made Chutney and Crumbed Poached Egg

Duchess of Spotswood is a gourmet cafe which sources high quality produce and delivers it on the plate in an aesthetically pleasing manner. The flavours are simple yet have a gourmet, modern feel to them. At this cafe – you dont get your usual breakfast dishes of eggs and tomato with a side of avocado for example, you get a variety. Duchess of Spotswood chef Andrew Gale states “People are expecting more and more when they go out for breakfast,” and this why the Duchess of Spotswood menu is the way it is – it is not your normal breakfast menu (http://www.duchessofspotswood.com.au/themenu.php).

Duchess of Spotswood also offers Lunch and Dinner (on Thursday to Saturday evenings) – which consists of a 3 course menu for $55. I definitely want to go back and try out the dinner degustation menu. When you visit their website you can see pictures of the dishes – which is enough to make you want to make the trip over the West Gate bridge to Spotswood no matter where in Melbourne you live.

Rating :
3.5 Pandas
Price: $$
Menu – Breakfast (till 11:45am), Lunch and Dinner (3 courses for $55) – http://www.duchessofspotswood.com.au/themenu.php
Fullness: 80%
Atmosphere / Ambience: Rustic and Charming.
Standout Dish: House Smoked Salmon
Service: Good Service, but not great.
Online Booking: No – They take reservations for dinner Thursday to Saturday. Weekend breakfast and lunch on a strictly walk-in basis.
Restaurant Details and Location:
87 Hudsons Road, Spotswood
Tel No: 9391 6016

Opening Hours:
Breakfast and Lunch – Open 7 days a week
Dinner  – Thursday to Saturday

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One thought on “Duchess of Spotswood – One of a Kind

  1. I’m not sure about this place! We went once after so many people raved on about it. I had to make a last minute order change after they told me that they couldn’t change the poached eggs to scrambled from what I originally wanted as it was the weekend (I couldn’t have runny yolks at the time). So I ended up getting their muesli, which came in a little pile on a wooden cheese board, with a tiny dollop of yoghurt, drizzled with what tasted like canned raspberries. I was so disappointed and so hungry afterwards! But maybe it was just me, coz everyone else I know still thinks that it’s awesome there. But if you’re going to do another Westgate Bridge venture, can I recommend the following places to start with:

    Breakfast: Cornershop
    Lunch: Barkley Johnson
    Afternoon: See a movie at the Sun Theatre and get a choc top with your latte!
    Dinner: Cafe Terroni
    Nightcap: Aqua Vino – great cocktails!

    Breakfast: Sourdough
    Lunch: Seddon Deadly Sins
    Dinner: La Chien
    Nightcap: Sabrosso’s (also good for afternoon chillout on a sunny day)

    Give me a call and I’ll come with you!!!

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