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panda 3.5 rating

N and I were heading to breakfast on the weekend and decided to try out Oscar Cooper in Prahran. I love places that have all day breakfasts – Oscar Cooper serves breakkie till 3pm – close enough! Oscar Cooper is a new café and bar that has been opened by Paul Butera and Jason Barone (who have both come from the Collection Bar). From the moment we stepped into the venue to the time we left we were greeted by happy and friendly staff – this is always a great way to judge how your experience will be for the rest of the time you are there.

Oscar Cooper is named after owners’ pet dogs and has been fully gutted and renovated by The Anatomy and bringing it back to its roots so to speak. There are concrete floors with brick walls which have wooden crates suspended on them flashing greenery, as well as glass urns which give the place a roomy and homely feel. There are a number of places where you can dine from the big communal table at the centre of the café, to the window seats with a view as well as the outside dining area which is dog-friendly. There are also separate booth seats available.

A major plus point of the café is the large panoramic glass windows which can be opened to let the breezy and warm sunshine in on warm days – there are high stools which are perfect to people watch or check out what is going on in the street.

N and I order coffees whilst we decide what we want to eat. The coffee here is from Small Batch Roasters and my latte is made with perfection and tastes nutty and creamy. N has an espresso which he quite enjoyed as well. A unique item on the menu here at Oscar Cooper is the variety of Jaffles available – they are written up on the white tiles on the wall and change on a daily basis – they range from poached chicken to peking duck. The usual breakfast additions are on the menu such as Eggs however you want them, Banana Bread, Bircher Museli, Smashed Avo on Toast, but there are other interesting additions like a breakfast bruschetta and baked eggs. Lunch consists of Scotch Fillet Steak, a Lamb Wrap and Wasabi coated Calamari, there is even Oscar Cooper’s take on a Ceasar salad using smoked duck instead of bacon. Another interesting aspect of the menu is the drinks menu with all of fresh juices having funny and quirky names such as Buffalo Soldier (Watermelon, Mint and Apple) and Purple Sunrise (Beetroot, Carrot, Celery, Orange and Ginger). There are also a selection of beers, cider and cocktails available.

I had quite a bit of trouble from selecting from the menu and ended up going with the Oscar’s Benedict on Potato Roesti, Smashed Avo, Poached Eggs and Tangy Hollandaise with Thyme Buttered Mushroom. And boy am I glad I did. The Potato Roesti was crunchy, crispy on the outside, soft and creamy on the inside – all the things you want out of a roesti and is a must try for potato lovers. And the size is quite generous as well – it is quite a large rectangular size and the smashed avo , poached egg sit proudly on top, with the hollandaise surrounding and completing the dish. The combination together works fantastically well and really it is all down to the Roesti.

N ordered the Wagyu Burger on Toasted Brioche Bun with Cheese, Pickle and Fries which comes served on a wooden tray with the chips coming in its own metal basket, with the sauces in separate saucers on the side. From the amount of time he took to smash down the burger I could tell he enjoyed it.

Oscar Cooper is a great venue that is welcoming and friendly, and is the perfect venue on a summery day whether you sit outside or in. Next time around I definitely want to try out one of the funky named fresh juices as well as their jaffles. Also something to note is that Oscar Cooper caters for Coeliac’s and people who require Gluten-Free food as well. Gotta love a cafe that takes care of everyone!

* Please note Oscar Cooper is open 7 nights a week for a private function. Refer to http://www.oscarcooper.com.au/functions.html for more information.

Rating : 3.5 Pandas
Price: $$
Menu – Refer to http://www.oscarcooper.com.au/menu.html
Fullness: 100%
Atmosphere / Ambience: Friendly, Welcoming and Casual. Great for a weekend catchup or just to chill out.
Standout Dish:
Service: Super friendly!
Online Booking: No
Restaurant Details and Location:
160 Greville Street, Prahran
Tel No: 9529 5670

Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday: 7am-5pm
Sunday & Public Holidays: 8am-5pm

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