Perfect for Spring – Goat’s Cheese & Artichoke Tart

Spring is finally here!! Not only does mean beautiful flowers everywhere and warmer weather but food dishes that involve spring produce and fresh herbs! What better way than to prepare a delicious meal and entertain family & friends – be it a weekend brunch or weeknight dinner!

The wonderful people at Maxwell & Williams have provided a great spring recipe to kick start your Spring foodie adventures – and it is delicious.
This dish is perfect as an entree and a great way to start off a meal. It is easily adaptable – for example I used Asparagus instead of Artichoke – and you can either make one large tart for casual grazing or use individual tartlet shells for a more refined setting.

asparagus-and-cheese-tartMy version of the recipe using Asparagus instead of Artichoke

Serving: 6-8

Prep: 10 minutes

Cook: 25 minutes

Ingredients List:

–       Short crust pastry

–       4-5 tablespoon caramelised onion jam

–       5 artichoke hearts

–       Goat’s cheese feta (enough to cover tart)

–       3 sprigs of fresh thyme

–       1 tablespoon olive oil


1.     Line a rectangular tart pan with short crust pastry roughly 1.5cm thick

2.     Place wax paper over pastry and fill with pastry weights, cooking in oven at 180° for 15 minutes. Remove from oven and let cool slightly.

3.     Evenly spread caramelised onion jam across the base.

4.     Top with roughly sliced artichoke hearts and generously crumble goat’s cheese on top, enough to cover the whole tart.

5.     Sprinkle with 2 sprigs of fresh thyme and drizzle with olive oil.

6.     Return to oven for a further 10 minutes or until crust and goat’s cheese starts to brown.

7.     Remove from oven and let cool slightly, garnishing with a sprig of fresh thyme.

You can check out more of the Lanka range along with their gorgeous pieces on the Maxwell & Williams website (

Styling Details
[Ponto Pitcher – 24 L – ]
[Lanka Oblong Platter  33cm x 17cm- ]


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