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Hi everyone and welcome to my foodie site/blog! =)

My name is Shazrina and I live in Melbourne, Australia. One of my passions is food and trying out various restaurants and different types of cuisines not only in and around Melbourne, but around Australia and in other countries. I love trying out different dishes which have an interesting combination of ingredients and are plated up in an appealing fashion. I love how certain chefs interpret their food and this is what is represented on a plate.

I have created this foodie blog after many of my friends suggesting that I do it for the last couple of years. I was always known as the one who would always take a photo of the food when it came out and used to tell people to wait till they dug into their food just so I could take the pic. I used to use my Facebook page and put up albums of food on that and get comments asking me which places I would recommend for dinners, lunches, breakfasts etc

The name Grazing Panda came about from my group of work friends – with whom I have fortnightly dinners with. The places that we pick are generally from a list that I have compiled from places that I have heard about or on the Hatted List of Melbourne Restaurants. (My aim is eventually try eat at all of the Hatted Restaurants – in Melbourne at least =p) . The “Panda” part of the name came as one of my favourite animals is that of the Panda and after a recent trip to Hong Kong where I got see Panda’s first hand – they topped my list of favourite animals =)

My background is Sri Lankan so I have been around very vibrantly flavoured food literally since I was a little kid. My parents started feeding me curry and getting me used to spicy food from a very young age – which is why I absolutely love anything with lots of spice! I do sometimes have the tendency to add extra chilli to all of my food dishes =p

I am also of the Muslim faith which means that in all restaurants that I try out I cant eat any of the Pork Dishes. (This is where I will get my friends’ opinion on these dishes) Along with this for most of the restaurants – the dishes that I try are always Seafood or Fish dishes – unless the meat is Halal – then I can have the Chicken, Lamb, Beef etc dishes. I’ll be tagging the restaurants that use Halal meat with the “Halal tag” and put the symbol as well.

For each of the places that I have visited / tried – I will give it a rating out of 5 Pandas – with 5 being outstanding and highly recommended. Along with that I have a Fullness Factor – which refers to how full you would be when you leave the restaurant, as well as a Pricing factor. The overall Panda rating incorporates all the categories listed at the end – the atmosphere/ambience, if there is an online menu that can be viewed and if bookings can be made via the website as well as the above mentioned factors.

If you have any comments or thoughts or any additions you can email me on the email below or just leave a comment. You can also visit (and LIKE) the related Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/GrazingPanda =)

Thanks for visiting my site and HAPPY EATING!!


Email: thegrazingpanda@gmail.com

Pricing Legend
$$$$ – $35 updwards for a meal
$$$ – $25 to $35 a meal
$$ – $15 to $25 a meal
$ – under $15 a meal


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  1. Hi Shazrina,

    Your first post just appeared on Urbanspoon! Check it out:

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    If you have any questions, please contact me via email.




  2. Good afternoon,

    I wanted to let you know about a new BBQ Rib Eating Competition we have just launched.

    Starting from the 24th of February and over the next 6 weeks we will be holding BBQ Rib Eating contest once a week. With the 6 finalists to battle it out for the $1000 cash prize on Monday 7th of April.

    The competition is simple, eat as many American BBQ Ribs as you can in 35 minutes plus a side of coleslaw (coleslaw must be fully consumed to qualify).

    Entry fee is $99 and the winner on each night will get their money fully refunded. Entry into the final is also free.

    The ultimate winner will receive $1000 in prize money, an obligatory T-Shirt and their picture on the Wall of Fame. Registrations to the event are made online atwww.thirdwavecafe.com.au/competition.php We are planning on making it a biennial event.

    If you think, your readers may be interested in the event, could you write about it. If you have any questions, please contact me on info@thirdwavecafe.com.au or on 9676 2399.

    Thanks for your interest,


    P.S. If you still haven’t had a chance to drop in and try our fare, please do. We have an open invitation for all bloggers (and a friend) to have lunch or breakfast on us in either Prahran or Port Melbourne Cafe.

    • Hi Greg!

      Thanks for the information about your event – I will put it up on my site and also will put it up on my FB page too…I haven’t been to either of your cafes – but I will definitely do so sometime in the next few weeks =) Thanks for the invite!

  3. Dear blogger

    I follow your blog and really like your reviews regarding Melbourne’s cafes and restaurants.
    I own a bagel speciality cafe called Bagelicious on 433 Glenhuntly road in Elsternwick.
    A second Bagelicious cafe has been recently launched on 646 Glenferrie Road in Hawthorn next to Swinburne university.
    Please join us with a friend at our new Hawthorn Bagelicious to indulge in some of our delicious bagels and coffee.
    Enclosed is our enticing menu for your consideration.
    We look forward to having you over, please feel free to contact us and let us know when is a suitable time for you.


    • Hi Ahmet
      No not all the places in the Top 5 list are Halal. Refer to the Halal Page for the list of restaurants that do serve Halal Chicken and Meat.

  4. Hi Shazzy,
    Love ur blog. Your halal page is much appreciated by all of us. Just wondering if you have been to “Zaytoun Taste of Mediterranean” (Halal) 240 Railway Parade,Noble Park. We went there last weekend and loved it. Thought you might want to check it out for your blog.

    • Thanks Razia – glad you like the blog!! No I haven’t been to Zaytoun. Will definitely add it to the list and check it out sometime! Thanks for all your support =)

  5. Hi Shazzy,

    I was wondering if you could recommend a nice breakfast places (ideally halal) in Melbourne for father’s day. Your blog is great.

    • I am so sorry! For some reason I never got this notification! Hope you had a great Fathers day!
      But for future
      Second Wife in Box Hill has some dishes that are halal
      Middle South East is fully halal
      Dosage Cafe in Burwood
      The Spot Coffee in Coburg
      Zaatar in Coburg
      The Foreigner Cafe in Ivanhoe

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