COFFEE – World’s Best Pick Me Up

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Just like most people around the world the first beverage they drink each day is COFFEE – coffee of different varieties, flavours and types. I myself have completed a barista course so really do enjoy coffee quite a bit. Here is a list of my top rating places that serve coffee in and around Melbourne. The main focus for me is the flavours – I enjoy the nutty and creamy flavours, not so much the strong coffee’s. I also do love coffee art but haven’t factored this in when selecting my top 10.

I also do love Chai Lattes and Hot Chocolates so will feature some of my favourite places on here as well.

As I come across new places – the list will change – so come back regularly to see where the tastiest coffee can be found!

If there are any places that you guys think are especially great that I should check out – please feel free to email me (, post a comment here, leave a comment on Facebook ( or Tweet me @simtiaz to let me know! =)


1. Code Black Coffee (Docklands)

Latte at Code Black Docklands Latte at Code Black Docklands

2. The Crux and Co (South Melbourne)
Latte at Crux and Co
3. Archie’s All Day (Fitzroy)
Latte at Archie's All Day

4. Mr Wednesday (Fairfield)
Latte at Mr Wednesday

5. Hammer and Tong (Fitzroy)
Matcha Latte at Hammer and Tong

6. White Mojo (Melbourne CBD / Balwyn)

Matcha Latte from White Mojo

7.Mill & Bakery (Docklands)

Mill and Bakery Latte

8. Workshop Bros (Melbourne CBD)

Coffee at WorkshopBros

9. Kitty Burns (Richmond)

Latte at Kitty Burns

10. The Kettle Black (South Melbourne)
The Kettle Black Latte

11. The Glass Den (Preston)

The Glass Den Coffee

12. Second Home (Eltham)

Second Home Latte and Shake

13. Industry Beans (Fitzroy)

Industry Bean Coffee

14.Holla (Richmond)

Coffee at Holla

15. Little Woodpecker (Blackburn)
Latte at Little Woodpecker Cafe

16. Darling Cafe (South Yarra)
Latte at Darling Cafe

17.Higher Ground (Melbourne CBD)

Latte at Higher Ground

18. Jerry Joy (Thornbury)
Jerry Joy Latte

19. Mr Hendricks (Balwyn)


20. Barry (Northcote)

Latte at Barry

21. League of Honest Coffee (Melbourne CBD)
League of Honest Coffee

22. Mister Hoffman (Essendon)

Mister Hoffman Coffees

23. Fourth Chapter (Prahran)
Matcha Latte and Normal Latte from Fourth Chapter

24. Lucy Lockett (Brunswick)

Lucy Lockett Latte

25. Sartoria (Preston)

Latte at Sartoria

26. Left Field (Carnegie)

Latte at Left Field

27. Journeyman (Windsor)

Latte at Journeyman

28. T-Roy Browns (Melbourne CBD)

Latte at Tee Roy

29. Mammoth Cafe (Armadale)
Latte at Mammoth

30. Jack and Daisy (Pascoe Vale)

Jack and Daisy Latte

31. Common Ground Coffee (Ormond)
Common Ground

Common Ground Coffee on Urbanspoon

32. 30Kerr65 (Fitzroy)
Coffee at 30KerrSt

33. Cheerio (Richmond)
Latte at Cheerio

34. Cup of Truth (Melbourne CBD)
Cup of Truth Coffee & Doughboy Donuts

35. Penny Farthing Expresso (Northcote)
Penny Farthing Expresso (1) Penny Farthing Expresso Cappuchino

36. Addict Food & Coffee (Fitzroy)
Addict Latte Addict Espresso

37. Lemon Middle & Orange (Collingwood)
Latte at Lemon Middle and Orange

38. Foxtrot Charlie (Brunswick)

Foxtrot Charlie Latte

39. Lolo & Wren (Brunswick)
Latte at Lolo and Wren

 40. Twenty & Six Expresso (North Melbourne)

Twenty & Six Expresso
41. Cru (Kew)
. Manchester Press (Melbourne CBD)
Manchester Press
43. Hawk and Hunter (Elsternwick)

Latte at Hawk and Hunter

44. Hortus x Seven Seeds (Docklands)
Latte at Hortus

45. Little Henri (Thornbury)
Little Henri
46. Naked Expresso (Melbourne CBD)
Naked Expresso

47. Hobba Eatery & Bar (Prahran)
Hobba Eatery & Bar

48. Dukes Coffee Roasters (Melbourne CBD)
Dukes Coffee Roasters

49. Coffeehead (Camberwell)
50. Small Victories (Carlton)
Small Victories
51. Tom Thumb (Melbourne CBD)
Latte at Tom Thumb
Ora (Kew)
53. Breakfast Thieves (Fitzroy)
Breakfast Thieves
54. Toby’s Estate Coffee (Melbourne CBD)
Toby's Estate
55. Annoying Brother Expresso + Kitchen (Carlton)
Annoying Brother

56. Prospect Espresso (Camberwell)
Prospect Espresso Coffee57. Crabapple Kitchen (Hawthorn)
Crabapple Kitchen
58. Traveller (Melbourne CBD)

59. Percy’s Aeroplane (Kew)

Percy's Aeroplane Latte

60. NSHRY (Albert Park)
61. The Last Piece (Mulgrave)
The Last Piece
62. Wee Jeanie (Yarraville)
Wee Jeanie

63. Two Birds, One Stone (South Yarra)
Two Birds One Stone
64. The Foodrinkery (Camberwell)
The Foodrinkery

65. Lil Boy Blue (Kew)
Lil Boy Blue
66. Oscar Cooper (Prahran)
Oscar Cooper
67. Stables of Como (Toorak)
Latte at Stables of Como


The following are special mentions for the tastiest Chai Latte’s and Hot Chocolates

Stables of Como (South Yarra) – Poke Ball Hot Chocolate

Poke Ball Hot Chocolate from Stables of Como

Hash Specialty (Melbourne CBD) – Hot Chocolate with Fairy Floss

Hash Specialty Hot Chocolate

Bowery to Williamsburg (Melbourne CBD) – Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate
Bowery to Williamsburg
Lux Foundry (Brunswick) – love the artwork!
Lux Foundry- Chai Latte
Kitschen Pantry (Thornbury)
Kitschen Pantry - Chai Latte

Shebeen (Melbourne CBD)
Shebeen - Chai Latte
 (West Melbourne)
Chai Latte at Operator25
Two Pigs (Brunswick)

Foxtrot Charlie (Brunswick)

Feast of Merit (Richmond)

Pranna Chai Latte



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