Halal Restaurant by Regions

Halal Restaurants by Region

This page will list the restaurants which have Halal meat listed by regions in Vicotria. I have listed the restaurants in alphabetic order according to the suburb they are in.

Also note that any chicken from Baida, La Ionica and Lilydale Chicken (which can be found at Safeway and Coles) is Halal. Also good to note is that some Coles has a HALAL section in supermarkets so keep a look out for this.
The meats and chicken that are stocked at Costco are also Halal – speak to staff members to assist you to which brands these are. Please feel free to let me know if there are any known restaurants which stock Halal Meat and I will add it to the list.

* Please note that these restaurants have Halal Meat, however the preparation of the meat might not be done in a Halal manner – i.e. there could be Pork or other meats that are not Halal that could be in the vicinity of where the Halal meats are being cooked. If you want to confirm please contact the restaurant.
Restaurants denoted with the * will need to be contacted
Restaurant denoted with the ** will prepare the meat in a Halal Manner
Restaurant denoted with the *** is a Kosher Venue
Restaurant denoted with the **** is fully Halal Certified