Little Hunter – A New Lair style restaurant with Fab Food

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Little Hunter Little Hunter Menu Little Hunter 2 Cheese Bread with Chicken Salt Butter
Scrumptious Cheesy Bread with Chicken Fat & Chicken Skin Butter

Cured Kingfish - seasoned roe, roasted peppers, bay oil
Cured Kingfish – seasoned roe, roasted peppers, bay oil

Watermelon Salad -land cress, goats cheese, dandelion
Watermelon Salad -land cress, goats cheese, dandelion
Chatham Blue Island Cod - native sea grasses, leeks, remouladeChatham Blue Island Cod – native sea grasses, leeks, Remoulade

Frangipagne Meringue, Passionfruit Curd, Whole Peach SorbetFrangipane Meringue, Passionfruit Curd, Whole Peach Sorbet

Double Chocolate Mousse - Noble One Reduction, Cocoa Nib BrittleDouble Chocolate Mousse – Noble One Reduction, Cocoa Nib Brittle

I had heard about a new place that had opened up in Melbourne called Little Hunter and headed there with A for dinner. Little Hunter’s team is a collaboration between American chef Gavin Baker (who comes from the world renowned Fat Duck) and Pete Evans – chef and host/judge on My Kitchen Rules (MKR).

Little Hunter is located in Little Collins Street, in a downstairs location. There is a lift area which has the name on the door and you go down two sets of stairs which  are lined with caged lights and you are taken to an area which reminded me of lair. There are automatic doors that open (which freaked me out because I wasn’t expecting that) and lets you into the restaurant. The restaurant is large and has a homely and classy feel to it. There are two kitchens – one for the main preparations and serving area and the other which houses a Josper charcoal Oven. (There are only three of these ovens in Australia!!)

As the restaurant space is quite large, there are many different dining areas that consist of communal dining areas which range of tables sizes from 2 to more. There are also some private tables as well as a few cosy private booths. There is mood lighting and the place has just the right amount of light yet has a mysterious feel about the place.

This brings me onto the menu – “which draws inspiration from the land, the farmer and the finest breeds in Australia.” Everything is done in house from the curing and smoking of the meats to sourcing great local produce and supporting artisans and farmers. The menu is split into 5 different sections – Small, Sides, Large, Steaks and Desserts. The waiter informs us that Little Hunter is known for its meat and steaks, however there are a few vegetarian friendly items on offer.

Whilst we wait for our ordered food to arrive, we are given some house-made bread which resembles a mini loaf and have been cut into individual pull apart slices. The bread is nothing short of amazing!! The slices are soft and buttery, has herbs through the centre and encased with cheddar cheese. The best cheesy bread I have had. If this isn’t enough of the yuminess – the bread comes with a Chicken Fat and Chicken Skin Butter. I didn’t have any of the chicken skin butter, but A loved it and said the combination was fantastic. A definite winner!

A ordered two entrees for her meal – Cured Kingfish – seasoned Roe, Roasted Peppers, Bay Oil and the Watermelon Salad – Land Cress, Goats Cheese, Dandelion. For my main I ordered the Chatham Blue Cod with Native Grasses, Leeks and Remoulade.

The Watermelon Salad comes out looking like a dessert log with watermelon slices sandwiched with goats’ cheese in the middle top with a handful of land cress and dandelion greens. You need to get a cross section of the whole log to experience all the flavours – the sweetness of the watermelon with the sourness of the cheese and the crispness of the greens. A refreshing dish.

The Cured Kingfish was thin pieces of kingfish topped with roasted peppers on one half and salmon roe on the other half. The spiciness of the roasted peppers together with the salmon roe worked perfectly with the flavorsome kingfish.

My main dish was the Chatham Blue Cod and when it came out it was beautifully presented – the cod was centrally placed on the plate surrounded with little coils of braised leek and a cluster of small grapes with the native grasses. The Blue Cod fillet is grilled perfectly and has a golden brown colour on the outside and soft flesh on the inside. There is a rich brown butter sauce over the top and mixed with the woody native sea grasses (which is samphire) makes for a great tasting combination. The addition of the braised leek and grapes add for flavours that complement the fish and the sea grasses. One of the best fish dishes I have had.

For dessert I ordered the Frangipane Meringue with Passionfruit Curd and Whole Peach Sorbet. Once again this dish was beautifully plated up and the he Meringue and Passionfruit Curd came out reminiscent of a fried egg and the dish somewhat looked like a breakfast dish – bacon and eggs perhaps? A Frangipane cake was dense and complete with poppyseed and lime zest, topped with coconut was situated next to the peach sorbet. The combination of the meringue, cake, passionfruit curd and sorbet was a party of flavours in your mouth and definitely a must try dessert for all.

A ordered the Double Chocolate Mousse – Noble White Reduction, Cocoa Nib Brittle which looked like a tiramisu. It had layers of chocolate mousse (both white and dark chocolate) together with cocoa nib brittle which added the bitter flavouring, as well as the sweetness of the coffee cream and the Noble White Reduction. A dessert calling to all the chocolate lovers out there.

Overall Little Hunter is a great new addition the Melbourne food scene. The menu is ever evolving and the only downside would be is that the menu is limited for the vegetarians (there are only some starters and sides to choose from). For the meat and steak lovers you should definitely check this place out. Little Hunter is great for business lunches or any after work dinner or for a special occasion. I cannot wait to see what items will appear on their winter menu.

Rating : 4 Pandas
Price: $$$
Menu – A la carte – can be found at
Fullness: 100%
Atmosphere / Ambience: Cosy, Classy and Comfortable. There are private booths which are nice for an intimate dinner.
Standout Dish: Chatham Blue Island Cod – native sea grasses, leeks, Remoulade
Service: Friendly and Eager
Online Booking: No, but bookings are recommended. There are two sittings one at 6:30pm and the other at 8:30pm
Restaurant Details and Location:
Down the stairs
195 Lt. Collins Street, Melbourne
Tel No: 9654 0090

Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Saturday: noon–11pm
Sunday: 11am–4pm

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Cafe Rosamond – Dessert Evenings – A Must Try for all Dessert Lovers!


Dessert Evenings every Thursday at Cafe Rosamond are brought to you courtesy of  pastry chef Pierre Roelofs – who is extremely talented! Pierre has previously worked at Michelin Star restaurants and interned at The Fat Duck, just to name a few. The way the evening works is that you either decide if you want do one, two or three courses of dessert, for $20, $30 or $40 respectively. You can also choose the addition of a glass “tube” containing a variety of sweet samples for $9 a tube.

There is no menu, so you never really do know what you are eating. The waitresses do tell you what has been used when they come over to deliver the dishes to you, but there are so many ingredients that you really don’t remember them all – you just enjoy the flavour punch that you get when you put it into your mouth. Each dish compromises of about 15 elements, so every mouthful is like a surprise fireworks display. The reactions around the room are interesting to observe and hear – you hear a lot of “oh my gawd’s” and “wow” to pure giggling. It’s great. Food is meant to be fun and hearing and observing these kinds of reactions are what makes meals enjoyable.

The glass tube I had consisted of licorice, puffed rice and jelly. The mix tasted quite potent but sweet at the same (I am not a huge fan of licorice). The first course of dessert I had consisted of Quinoa, Rose, Rhubarb, Vanilla, Grape, Mascapone. I really enjoyed the flavours and the mix of this dessert and it was the first time I had Quinoa in a dessert. The second course consisted of Persian Fairy Floss, Custard, Ice, Granita. I didn’t enjoy this much at all. It had a really strange mix and I didn’t think the flavours or the after taste that you got was nice at all – in fact it left a bit of tangy sting in your mouth. The last dessert was Meringue, Jelly, Custard, Berries. This was another dish that I enjoyed. I am always a huge fan of meringue in desserts and the combination with jelly is great. It was another fruity dish which was a winner.

The menu changes weekly, so even if you were to go back you will always get a different dish. It all adds to the experience of these Dessert Evenings. There are no bookings, you simply have to arrive early and line up. Sometimes if you even get there 20 minutes before the line is about 10 people deep. They do put your name down and offer to call you back.

Rating : 4.5 Pandas
Price: $$
Menu – One, Two or Three Course dessert for $20, 30 or $40 resepectively. You can also have a glass tube for $9
Fullness: 70%
Atmosphere / Ambience: Cosy, Vintage, Old Fashioned
Standout Dish: Most of the Desserts – My fave out of the ones I tried was Dessert #1
Service: Friendly and Informative
Online Booking: No – Recommend going earlier than opening time as you will have to line up to get in.
Restaurant Details and Location:
Cafe Rosamond
Rear 191A Smith Street (Cnr Charles Street), Fitzroy
Tel No:  9419 2270

Opening Hours:
Thursday evening: 7pm – 11pm

Please note: Cafe Rosamond operates as a cafe during other times for breakfast/lunch
Monday to Friday: 7.30am – 3.30pm
Saturday: 9am – 3pm

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